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Malawi Water Project

Project Founder & Board Chair
Helen Timoffee
Phone: 403.271.5924

12 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Helen,
    Two weeks ago I was in Malawi leading a Church Leader training conference. The host of the conference was Duncan Nyozani. ( Duncan contacted me this morning asking for help in getting a well dug in a village of 2,000 people.He had gone there to preach and their well was almost dry. My organization Equipping Leaders International, does not work in this area but I am trying to help this village by putting Duncan in contact with an org that does.
    Please let me know how to make application. I believe Duncan can be trusted having spent a week with him and seeing the fruits of his labors in organizing the conference that pulled togeher 330 church leaders.
    Awaiting your reply,
    Chuck McArthur

    • Hi Charles;
      Sorry I haven’t responded earlier. We work on the construction and installation of the biosand water filter in households in rural areas and we teach sanitation and hygiene. We do not at this time drill wells. I think that you might try Water For People or Unicef in Lilongwe.
      Take care

  2. Greeting to you from pastor arjun from india and i am running small organization so we need project because people are suffering for water and bringing water from 4 to 7 miles far so we will work with you and send you report to you so we need project for providing water for rural villages and urban villages
    thank you
    pastor Arjun

  3. hello sister here in rural villages more then 250 villages are suffring for water and woman and man are bring waters from far that also from river so no clanning water so please give us small projects and we will reort you from Rev. Dr Arjun vasava from Apostles society for social development ministry

    • Hi Rev. Vasava;
      I would like to refer you to They are the organization that developed the biosand water filter. They have a representative in India who you should be able to contact for information. I am not sure what part of the country they are operating in.

      Their website is
      Best wishes.

    • Hi Jennifer;
      Yes, Father Rafael Mponda was instrumental in getting the Project started in Malawi. I met him on my first trip to Malawi in 2006. He had been to Calgary, Canada to learn how to make the biosand filter. How do you know Rafael?

  4. Hi, I am looking for distributer od water purifiers in Malawi but could not find one. Can you guys help me and send contacts of any distributor of domestic water purifier.

    • Hi;
      I am not sure what kind of water filters you are wanting to distribute. We construct and install concrete biosand water filters to villagers. Do you have a filter you want to distribute to local stores? Are you selling a filter?

      • I want to distribute to the wholesaler. I want to sell water filter that works on gravity.

  5. Hi Helen , I am an Okotoks based photographer . If you ever have Silent auctions for fundraising please let me know as I would like to donate some art . And please say hi To Dave green for me if your still in touch with him ,
    regards walt Knox

    • Hi Walt;
      Thank you so much for the offer to donate some art. We aren’t having a dinner and silent auction this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions but we hope to get back to normal in the future.
      I am working on a presentation with slides and video clips showing the work being done in Malawi. I will send a link out to everyone when I get it finished. I iwll pass along a “Hi” to Dave.
      Best wishes

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