And the Work Begins ! May 25, 2012

The training is complete and the work in beginning! In December we held a training course at the demonstration garden run by the Anglican Dioceses of Northern Malawi/ The course covered was coordinated by Tal Woolsey from the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology in Calgary (CAWST).

It was taught by trainers from the Africa Manzi Center, specifically the Zambia Water Expertise and Training Center in Ndola, Zambia. The length of the course was two weeks and covered such topics as harmful bacteria, proper food handling, hand washing, placement of latrines and improved health techniques. The intent of the training was to teach people how to give presentations on proper sanitation and hygiene.
The second part of the course covered the construction, installation and maintenance of the biosand water filter. Twenty four people in total were trained, approximately 16 were trained as Community Health Promoters responsible for going back to their villages and giving presentations on the material they learned. The Biosand Implementers were trained  to construct and install the filters.

Three project sites have now been set up. They are located in the north, central and south of the country. Each team has at least two Biosand Implementers and two Community Health Promoters.

Check out our “What’s New “page for more information and pictures.

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