Our Fundraising Campaign Has Launched


With a little help from our friends we had a very successful launch to our 2017 fundraising campaign by holding an Awareness Afternoon and lunch for the Malawi Water Project.  We were so fortunate to have Dr. David Manz, inventor of the biosand water filter, speak to us about the workings of the filter and how the filter holds the promise of clean water for everyone.

                             Ashif and Reeshma with Dr Manz

Two dedicated Project volunteers Ashif and Reeshma Bhura were able to show the location of individual households with filters using Google Maps and our new monitoring technology, Kobo Toolbox.

This past year has been very active for the Malawi Water Project. Here are some of the accomplishments.

  1. We have received approval as a Registered Canadian Charity
  2. We have completed the construction of a biosand filter factory
  3. We have developed partnerships to extend our impacts and move to sustainability
  4. We have reinforced and expanded our training
  5. We have supported the creation of sustainable healthy village
  6. We have installed 1542 filters as of the end of September providing clean water to 12,017 users
  7. We have held 122 community meetings which have provided training on proper sanitation and hygiene to 12,596 participants

Please go to our “What’s New” page above  to read more details on the year’s activities.

We have named the new charity Healthy Lives International Society so that we don’t limit our activities and the charity will continue to operate under the trade name of Malawi Water Project.

There is currently a serious health issue in the Chikwawa area which is where our factory is located. Our factory is near a school so every day we have over 100 children coming to get clean water from the filter.

The Malawi Water Project knows how important it is to continue to provide filters and training on proper sanitation and hygiene to protect family members especially children from the devastating effects of cholera.

We thank you for your continued support.

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