Project Report Card


Hi Everyone;

Ashif and Reeshma Bhura, two volunteers from Calgary have been working with the Malawi Water Project for the past 6 months. I thought you may be interested in reading this letter that they wrote to the teams in Malawi following their time there. They have also attached pictures of Project activities.

The letter is a report card that gives us an update on the work that has happened over the past 6 months. Reeshma and Ashif have done a remarkable job helping the teams with the technical aspects of ensuring that each filter is working properly and being properly maintained. Every filter has become an important instrument in the village because it is not only producing clean water for the family that has it in their home, it is providing clean water for many families who come to use it.

One of our Field Coordinators wrote in his report that when he was notified that a filter was not working, he immediately went out to the home to “resuscitate the fallen soldier”.

This is the attitude that we have been striving to instill so that we are assured each filter is doing it’s job of removing up to 98% of pathogens in the water.
This letter is inspiring and provides us with valuable information on the status of the Project.
Click here Farewell Letter
Click here to view Ashif and Reeshma Photos  Photos

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