Flooding from the Lower Shire River

Hi Everyone;

This is a picture of the flooding from the Lower Shire river in Chikwawa, Malawi. I spoke with Father Raphael and he had heard about the flooding that happened in Calgary and southern Alberta. He wanted me to tell everyone that his thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost a lot in the flooding. He knows how devastating it can be as he is helping people who have been impacted by the floods.

Madzi 16.JPG

I admire Father Raphael because he steps right in when there is a tragedy. He started the seed distribution program for those who lost their homes and crops. He felt it was important to give people a hand up by supplying them with seeds to plant their crops again. Other agencies have given them food (maize) while they are waiting for the harvest which should be in three months. When we visited him we took $1100 for seed packets. When we returned home there was another $1000 that had been raised. I have wired the money to him for more seeds.
He wrote back and sent some pictures for us to see some of the people who have received the seed packets. His messages are below.

Dear Helen,

 Greetings from Lower Shire, I hope you and family are doing very well and that you made it through back home safely.That you very much for your messages. The first one is an aid memoir to me and the rest of the group. It will give us a picture of the water project and help in trying to paint this picture brighter and more attractive. The team was so encouraged because of your visit and pieces of advice. I Think they got some answers to the questions they have had. This is a step ahead in covering the distance.

Our winter is very different this year. For the first time in two years we are experiencing very cold weather and for a number of day we are having rains with very short days. It is good indeed and it means less mosquitoes, less infections, very low heat and peaceful nights. Temperature in these few days came done to 15 degrees.

 We are still in the middle of seed distribution. We have done 450 families and I still have another 280 packets to distribute. With this weather people will continue planting the seed because the ground is still wet and this is a good indication of a good crop. Thank you so much and please convey the same to our donors.


This woman is doing well in her field of corn .I went back to give her two more packets.


This poor lady was so happy with the gift. She said was seeing food in the months to come out of this packet.


And I went to meet with such groups who received the seed and they were telling me good stories that their crop was doing well. They said I should send to you a big thank you.


Abiti Amadi.jpg

It was amazing to hear these two at different places counting the future and what they see will be  the impact of this donation. Wait for more good news on the project.



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